Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putrajaya Botanical Garden: When the feel is high

kelapa sawit

buluh or bamboo towering high.

dwarf coconut.

Nature is all about biodiversity. Putrajaya Botanical Garden recreate the feel of a forest and allow some trees to be on its own so that visitors can really view and appreciate. So some trees grow tall unhindered and we can look with awe. I pick 3 photographs taken by Adik on his recent visit to Putrajaya Botanical Garden to show what height really means to trees. The first photo really define "high" in its truest sense.... and who can deny...



  1. Wonderful images, Bangchik. Here and in the previous post.
    I love tagging along on your outings;-))
    aka Bay Area Tendrils

  2. wow - I got dizzy in that second photo. Really cool!

  3. I think I am going to visit Putrajaya more often now.

    My eldest son is going to start the first year of his university life very soon.

  4. Such beautiful pictures, and High is a perfect description.

  5. I think i should visit Putrajaya Botanical garden! The "kelapa sawit" is just so tall!!!!

  6. Stunning photos in these last two posts. The Botanical Garden looks fascinating.

    I found your post about cabbages very interesting Bangchik - I hope the caterpillars stayed away ...!


  7. Alice Joyce ~ Thanks Alice, something different to you, therefore fascinating. Palms and bamboo are something we see everyday over here..

    Wendy ~ But most people would feel dizzy looking down from a higher level..... not looking up.

    rainfield61 ~ You are most welcome. Even houses here are without fencing. Putrajaya is very much open and a post or two from you about Putrajaya will brighten up the cyberspace....

  8. Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ The feeling of looking high up is different from looking down from a higher point. Awesome and majestic.

    Malar ~ so many interesting place to visit in Putrajaya, do come Malar... There is one called Taman Pertanian. Now is fruiting season, and we can walk along the pathway looking and getting close to many trees. Rambutan, manggis, cempedak, you can just name it.....

    Cottage Garden ~ thanks Jeanne. To us Malaysian, going round the Botanical Garden is fun but we miss the "wow factor" that you would have, coming from a different climate.

  9. Yay for palms and bamboos! They get so huge!

  10. AaronVFT ~ They really are huge and I cant grow them in my little garden.... ~bangchik


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