Friday, June 4, 2010

Counting the seeds of sunflowers

the top half of sunflower head

the bottom half of sunflower head

a sunflower head.

The five bigger plants are very resilient and wish to stay a lot longer. The natural drying process is too slow and really put my patience to the limit. Then I decided to cut them and dry them indoor. There is a basic difficulty in determining the right and appropriate moment to detach the flower head.

I just hope, it wasn't too early and the seeds collected later after indoor drying process is complete, will be healthy and germinate well.



  1. If this were a round petri dish of bacterial colonies it would definitely qualify as 'TMTC' (too many to count). However, being a beautiful sunflower loaded with seed babies is much more appealing.

  2. I wonder how long you need to count the seeds.

  3. Hi bangchik,
    Hope you will hv plentiful of healthy seeds!

  4. Yay! More seeds means more plants!

  5. So many seeds - so little time :)The more the merrier.

  6. Rebecca @ In The Garden
    They will run to hundreds I think.

    It wont take long to count... haha.

    There will be sunflowers all over soon...

    Sure, more plants soon.

    Poetic Shutterbug
    To be honest I don't I need that many.., a few will do..

    have a nice day

  7. Hi Bangchik, i've seen a post from a blog that the arrangement of sunflower seeds followed the Fibonacci numbers One of the wonders of nature when mathematics can be fully evidenced in nature. Wonderful.

  8. ~Andrea
    They do assemble in a prescribed manner, so neat and replicable each time. The Creator has imposed a set of rule and formula for living things to follow.... Fibonacci for Sunflowers.



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