Sunday, June 20, 2010

cabbage heads.

Menanam kubis di Malaysia

 cabbage head: a close-up

cabbage 1

cabbage 2

cabbage 3

cabbage 4

Four pots in a row.

The plants are healthy looking a few weeks back. As the heads form and bulge, the rest of the plants are showing signs of general weakening. The bottom most leaves has dried up into a thin brown piece of paper. The aging process is going up along the main stem, taking the green away and putting yellow and light brown as replacement. The rest of the leaves are losing lush and lustre. The whole energy seems to be channeled towards giving its best on the formation of the cabbage heads, where new baby leaves will form within the protection of the cabbage head.  I hope caterpillars will not come and sniff....



  1. Your cabbage looks so fresh and beautiful!

  2. I wonder whats yr secret Bangcik of having such healthy plants.TLC?

  3. They look so delicious and healthy. I love cabbage and am delighted it is so healthy for us as well.

  4. Hello,
    I did not know that we could grow them in pots. They are very beautiful.

  5. do you harvest them when they have grown their heads? My friends just cut off the leaves so they don't sayang just one harvest.

  6. i enjoyed seeing them growing in pots...such a mundane vegetable but yet surprisingly beautiful...

  7. Wa so beautiful! If not for the vege... it's definitely for show :-D

  8. AaronVFT ~ yes, the young leaves are so shiny and fresh. Just like those in the market. There is a lot of anxiety behind growing cabbages since this is our first attempt.

    p3chandan ~ to be honest, i dare not give one single answer as to why the plants, cabbages in this case, grow healthily. Tender Loving Care could be one of the many reasons. Basically there are things cabbages need to grow, so we just have to give them what they need.

    Poetic Shutterbug ~ the cabbage heads are average size, I don't think they will really balloon up. Ok so far, but generally problems will come in once the plants reach the peak.

  9. Ellada ~ It is easier to put them in pots where i can move around to get the most suitable amount of sunlight. They are protected against heavy rains, strong wind and pests...

    Ann ~ As a first timer, I am figuring out when is the best time to cut the cabbage heads. Yes.., sayang mau potong...

    hazeltree ~ they are beautiful and very showy. It becomes the focal point of conversation when friends and visitors get around the garden.

  10. Stephanie ~ If we care to scrutinize, every plant has its own soft exotic spot. Cabbages is very obvious with its shiny young leaves, elaborate outer leaves and its bulky head as crown.

  11. Now THIS is the way cabbage is supposed to look. I'm getting hungry...

  12. JGH ~ To farmers who grow acres of cabbages, this is very ordinary. To us, it is marvelous..


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