Thursday, June 10, 2010

A brief stop at Sungai Buloh and Seremban R&R

A brief stop at Sungai Buloh R &  R is a normal thing to do as we travel up and down the North South Highway. We did it again on the way back to Putrajaya after a weekend in Kakdah's hometown, Sitiawan. Both of us had a simple nasi lemak and air sirap whereas the two grown up boys were happy with burgers. While waiting for the two boys, we lazied around the resting hut and looked around.

on the way down


a truck full of new motorcycles

a nice wall with contrasting yellow bins

wall at the other end.


the tree covered with creepers

a beautiful tree with fresh looking shoots

a local palm, also known as palas.

The little gold honda city at the far end is Kakdah's.
We were able to really rest for this trip
because the two boys
took turn to the steering.

on the way up

a row of cars and blue bins

a row of palm trees

those trees are special because they keep shedding their skins

cars upon lorry.
lorries and cars

a pleasant corner of  the R & R



  1. I enjoyed seeing a bit of what it looks like there. The vine growing in the tree with the fresh new growth behind it is very pretty.

  2. What a lot of motorcycles. It is so good to see your scenery. The lovely palms and that creeper sure is climbing that tree. It makes the bark look pretty and looks like the leaves are coming right out of the tree.

  3. Very, very nice. That creeper is very cool looking. The first palm is unique and beautiful. Lots of motorcycles there, interesting shots.

  4. Thanks for showing all the beautiful pictures.
    What a fantastic tree that got so nice colored shoots.

    Have a great week


  5. What a beautiful place. I really enjoyed all of the photos.

  6. It is so interesting to see your corner of the world and note the differences and similarities. I love the trees shedding their skins.

  7. Nice photos :-D What a journey. So sad to leave a beautiful place (Sitiawan) right? Btw, I must say that those plus highway stops are getting better and better nowadays. Good for us :-D

  8. I just went to Sungai Buloh yesterday! Love the plants!

  9. Such an interesting post!! The creeper is lovely and it's nice that you got to have a rest.

  10. Thanks everyone for your visits and comments. A rest at such places are so good. It freshens the mind and body to travel further. There is no rush.......



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