Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bacang, the fibrous mango.

Mango is sour-sweet when ripe. Most has tumeric-color flesh... deep orange yellowish look. Bacang, a variety of mango, is the most fibrous I can think of . The skin is so thick, and we really have to take a sizeble chunk out to peel..... Two fruits, hanging down at the back of Kaklong's house.

the little leaves are not Bacang's but rambutan.
The bigger and greener leaves at
the top right belongs
to bacang


  1. Mmmm! I love mango, but I am curious about this one being sweet-sour! Janet

  2. I love mango too. Especially in smoothies !

  3. > Islander Janet
    > Clare B ..,

    It is never easy to describe taste exactly... This mango is sweet, but the sour taste linger on..

    This mango, Bacang is very fibrous. The fibres will get stuck between teeth!!.. haha..

    ~ bangchik

  4. Mangos are delicious, but sometimes seem like a plot by makers of dental floss!

  5. I'm very picky about mangoes, I do not like the ones that are fibrous ones when ripe. They are better eaten when green in a chutney or salsa.

  6. > catmint
    > islandgal246

    A plot by makers of dental floss?.... quite a way to think of mango fibres stuck in between teeth!

    Yes, mango can be eaten at any part of its age. Many years ago, Mom did cook curry with slices of mango and ladys fingers.

    ~ bangchik


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