Saturday, June 20, 2009

Figuring out senduduk's timing.

It is going to be a regular subject in this blog, because this is a rare attempt at taming a wild plant, senduduk. So for the second time , senduduk is blooming, a light purple tone. .... It is early to make any conclusion, but I am proposing that senduduk will bloom around June. I may have to wait for the next flowering if this is true....

I saw lili of Blossom treating the same subject in her post, few days ago..... [ click:Senduduk - the Melastoma affine of Blossom and my earlier post 1. senduduk by the roadside 2 . Really True Blue Flower 3. Senduduk, an experiment on taming a wild plant. ]

early morning,
Watering is normally done early in the morning,
before going off to work.
I purposely angled the lense towards the sun,
to have a glimpse of it through the leaves.

The bloom will open up
in a day or two I think....


  1. The ball of light in the last photo resembles a little garden fairy coming to make it bloom!!!! Janet

  2. The last shot is especially good! Hope to see the open bloom! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments! I always appreciate them!

  3. > Janet Islander...
    > Tatyana....

    I have trying to get photo with ball of light branching out like spokes or firework.... haha... no success yet.... Janet, I think little garden fairy comes every morning and whisper " bloom...bloom... blooom" in a low and nonvocal tone... haha..

    Have a great weekend!!


  4. Very nice photos of your flowers and I think a well done blog. I am a home gardner with a blog about my veggies and flowers. Thanks for letting me stop buy

  5. How do you grow the senduduk? Can the leaves of senduduk be used to stop bleeding?

  6. > Oge
    > Autumn Belle

    Thanks Oge for a short drop. I will visit your blog soon...

    I dont know why we tamed this rather wild plants to be honest with you Belle. When we shifted here, the plot was very empty, even the grass was yellowish and lifeless. But there were little senduduks all over, probably grew out of burung ciak or gembala kerbau's droppings.

    So we let 3 of them grow..., and bloom... A friend, Zek took senduduk's leaves early this year. He said, he will make some medicated bath for his daughter who just delivered the first baby.

    Senduduk is not a bad idea. It will survive with or without us. Such a hardy plant!!

    ~ bangchik


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