Monday, June 8, 2009

Trying veggies in pots....

I have been trying to grow veggies in pots. But I have to admit that nothing beat the pleasure and experiential learning that goes together with growing in the yard. Kakdah chose nice pots and we just transfered the seedlings into these.... Lets see how they fare in pots..

As normal, we placed little stones at the bottom and filled up with potting soil and topped up with oil palm mulch.... We bought potting soil from a nearby nursery, manned by a nice man by the name Tono. He is such a character.... Soon I would probably write something about the nursery, the man Tono and what make him such a lovable guy .....

just a week old.
The pot is wide and shallow and the mulch is that of oil palm.
Really black and fertile looking... The guy
we buy from said the mulch
will decompose slowly
within 6 months...

lobak putih

sawi hijau

bayam hijau

pots left in the dry yard,
the place we hang and dry clothes.


  1. Before I got my allotment I used to grow all my vegetables in containers. I was quite successful, even with large plants like sweetcorn.
    I think that home grown tastes so much nicer than shop bought, so even if you don't have enough soil to grow in, it is certainly worth growing in containers.

  2. I'm doing some vegetables in containers, too, this year. Mainly, I am doing it because I have several squash and melons to get in and I know that you need to separate them a bit. So, I have zucchini and yellow squash planted so far, with others still waiting...

  3. I used to grow vegetables, like tomatoes and chili peppers, in containers on my apartment balcony. They'll do well just to remember to water more frequently than in the yard.

  4. > Jo, Janet, and spotofgardening....

    This is our real attempt at growing in containers although we had chives and parsley in pots before....

    I am looking forward to see the progress.

    ~ Bangchik

  5. It is always good to experiment Hope this works for you.

  6. > Joanne...

    The experiment is going to be endless... The harvest now may be good, but there is no guarantee with the next growing..... Pleasure in gardening is weird... haha.

    ~ bangchik

  7. Hi Bangchik, wow! plant vege in pots... interesting ;-) Btw,where is the nearby nursery you mentioned? In Putrajaya itself? Which precint? How many nurseries are there at Putrajaya or nearby? I would like to check them out ;-)

  8. We have a variety of Tomato called 'Patio Tomato' that I have growing in pots.

    Have you heard of the upside-down method of growing vegetables? There is a hanging pot and the plant comes out the bottom. I tried to grow a tomato plant that way last year but it was too windy here.

  9. > Stephanie

    No nursery in Putrajaya except for weekend stalls at Taman Pertanian, just after Precint 16. There is two nursery along the road from Putrajaya towards Bangi. That stretch is called Jalan Sungai Merab I think. There are more in Bangi itself....

  10. > Laura

    never try upside down tomato growing yet... I will try to improvise with the available pots for that purpose...

    I may just try it out soon.... haha

    Happy gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  11. Ah Bang and Kakak,

    Came across your site from The Weekly Grind. Thought you name to be quite interesting as I grew up in Sarawak. Loves gardening, and like all your Tripical veges, like the ladies finger and bitter gourd.

    Keep in touch.


  12. Hi Ann..., thanks for the visit. Blogworld really connects people. So, the word abang and kakak is very much familiar to you... no wonder, for a person raised in Sarawak. Been there a few times, my elder brother stays there for almost thirty years by now...,

    So gardening has a magnetic pull to group people in blogworld.!!!

    ~ bangchik


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