Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coconuts for show.

In rural areas, there seem to be at least one coconut tree around the house. They are so useful, the coconut itself, the husk, the leaves, and the coconut juice. Kaklong has three coconut tree at the back of her house. The tree is still young, and we can reach and touch the fruits.

almost ripe

still young
shiny, green all round.

almost ripe
indicated by the brown patch

almost ripe
look at the brown patch


  1. Love cooking with coconut milk -- and drinking it, too, actually! Janet

  2. Lovely photos nice to have small trees and reach the fruit.

  3. What fun. A coconut tree in the backyard!

  4. > Janet
    > Joanne
    > K&V

    Coconut is such a marvelous gift from nature, we can make any part of the palm to good use... from shoot to root!!

    Not many people will grow coconuts in urban areas... they definitely are in abundance in rural areas..

    Soon I will post photos of coconut trees so high that they almost touch the sky!!!

    ~ bangchik

  5. It is funny: what is usual for you, in your area is so exotic for us! A coconut tree in a back yard... my boys'dream!

  6. I love coconut. Sadly it is something I will never be able to grow in England !


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