Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chillies taking shape

The chillies are taking shape. They are growing, and new blooms keep coming. We had just picked the last sweetcorn and pulled out the corn stalks, leaving the place with more sun and space. I guess the blooming chillies will love the improved surrounding with the departure of their neighbor, the sweetcorns!!

The early one

I love this shot!!
It does remind me of something... haha


  1. so would this be an x-rated posting? ;-)

  2. >Janet...

    Not really..., it wasn't meant to be so... At some stage of flowers and fruits development, they really look awkward and funny, and in trying to find nearest resemblance of daily life, some are just laughable...

    Thanks, Cheers!
    ~ bangchik

  3. Let us know when you make chili paste. I've never made it before so I'm interested in seeing how it's made.

  4. > Bucolic Bushwick ...

    That will be quite a task... because six plants may not produce enough for a sizeble chilly paste..., Kakdah would have to keep them fresh in refrigerator for a couple of harvest, enough for a good chili paste!!

    Lets wait and see.....

    ~ bangchik

  5. Chili, and sweet lemon and batik bamboo - I did not know that batik bamboo- I have only seen bamboo.

    The tree, I have seen in Spain.
    Do you like beer? I want to have vine, and to sit next to sparkling pool.
    Love, Maria Berg

  6. > Maria

    You deserve a little bit of relaxation, sitting next to a sparkling pool, freeing the mind....

    ~ bangchik


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