Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lemons are not always sour

They are meant to be sour, but in digitized form, I would like to potray them as being very sweet and gorgeous. Lemons come in with quite a variety and I dont know the name of these lemons at the back of Kaklong house [ my eldest sister in Gerik]. The plant has so few leaves, either eaten by caterpillars or simulating the season of autumn. But the lemons are lovely, sweet and healthy looking. All at the back of Kaklong's kitchen.... I envy...

the shots
is an attempt to portray lemons not just being sour,
but very sweet, lovable, good looking and gorgeous.
But you readers and friends
may think otherwise....


  1. How fascinating, sweet lemons! The Meyer lemons that I grow are not as sour as other lemons, but they aren't sweet.

  2. Reminds me of the song, "Lemon tree's very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet...". Unlike the song, we know that the fruit isn't impossible to eat. I've actually heard that the lemon has the most sugar of any citrus fruit. It's just that it also has lots of citric acid, giving it that lemony flavour.

  3. I've always wanted to nurture a citrus tree to fruit but none have made it that far...they bloom then the little fruits fall off..I keep trying though! Btw, hope your corn harvest WAS sweet!

  4. The green lemon looks like green lime, very nice, can you make a mixed summer drink using this lemon?

  5. Sweet lemons?! Wow! I only have Meyer lemons, which are good, but not sweet.

    Also, I gave you an award; it's on my blog:


  6. I love the way the blossoms from lemon trees smell. So sweet!!

  7. Sweet lemons will bea hit as a beverage! Gimme some!

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  9. quite interesting, i've never heard of these lemons, i wonder if there are any in ireland :D

  10. My daughters boyfriend grows lemon trees on his land in The Gambia and as I understand it they are green small and rather different than we are used to seeing in the shops in UK. I guess as with most plants they vary.

  11. > Friends.. Bloggers...Blotanists... Gardeners.

    Hello, thanks for dropping and leaving comments here.., I wasnt able to treat comments the way I way I want it to be.., more of tight schedule.., but generally lemons are sour with varying degree, but the plants are nice with sweet looking blooms and cute fruits. But over in Malaysia, caterpillars love the leaves and inch their way untill their belly become big enough to house baby butterflies...

    ~ bangchik

  12. hi Bangchik and Kakdah,

    ...anything you do it with knowledge...and it 'll be a success.
    i guess you have proven it! Pravo.
    Hoping to get to know you both...


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