Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Culling bamboo for being invasive

They are lovely and beautiful if growth is restrained and planted for a specific purpose. In the wild, they will follow the pattern of survival of the fittest. Call it invasive if we like, but the natural truth remains intact, species are fighting for a little space.., they are just very territorial and tribal in nature like us, people or humans.

Bamboo too are culled for being too invasive, making the space available for something else... This photo was taken by the roadside somewhere in Gerik during my recent travel.

I suppose
they just let the bamboo rot...


  1. I've seen bamboo plants at nurseries that look very attractive and tempting but I've never planted any. I wonder if all of it is invasive - there are different types right? I'm not that familiar with it.
    Very informative post.

  2. I just harvested some from my neighbor's garden to use as a bean trellis...she didn't mind because I was helping it not encroach further into her yard. In answer to raingardener, there are apparently some varieties that are less invasive than others that can be planted in a garden, but you still have to be diligent.

  3. My sis-in-law used to plant some. She said snakes love to hide among the bamboo, so she trimmed them often.

  4. I pursuaded my daughter to grow her bamboo in very large containers and that works well.
    I had a small variety and can't believe I killed it last year!

  5. My mother-in-law's condo has very handsome bamboo flooring, and a shop just opened up near us selling bamboo clothing. Bamboo will be a precious resource one day; a renewable, natural one, too.

  6. > RainGardener
    > islandgardener
    > Keats The Sunshine Girl
    > Joanne
    > Helen

    Thanks for stopping and commenting..... Bamboo is a very useful plant here... It can be used to cook glutinous rice traditional way known as "lemang", to make baskets, rafts, fishing rods, to hoist flags. When sickle is tied to the tip, it can be used to bring down coconuts from tall trees. New shoots are such delicacy, locally named rebung.... Decent furnitures can be made from bamboo.

    So many species of bamboo growing wild or tamed and domesticated.

    Yes, snakes love the cool setting of bamboo plants, and they will wriggle through the stems to shed off the dry skins...

    Cheers, Blog On!!
    ~ bangchik

  7. Ive been on a course of bamboos recently, was surprised that it has many species, usage and uniqueness. proudly our Twin Tower was also inspired by bamboos.

  8. > FJL...

    Now you are bamboo expert... Menara telecom in KL is also named Menara Rebung ... it really looks like rebung. (rebung is bamboo shoot)....
    ~ bangchik

  9. all made from your garden???? it's amazing.....


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