Friday, June 5, 2009

Kaklong's collection of flowers, white and pink.

We went to Kaklong's place in Gerik recently to attend her third son's wedding. Kaklong is my eldest sister. She has quite a collection, so I find time to snap and share some here...... Thorny plants with beautiful pink and white flowers.... They are beautiful and giving such an impact to Kaklong's garden....

This plant is locally known as
mahkota berduri
translated as thorny crown. She planted them in pots, as many as 15 I counted!
She did mention about not to water them too often,
just once every other day.

as suggested by
[ The Queen of Seaford ]


  1. I love the way the petals overlap each other, so pretty! Janet (aka islandgardener)

  2. I like the white! Very pretty.

  3. I think my mom had one of those as a houseplant. A Euphorbia.?

  4. > Islandgardener ..,Janet

    They overlap nicely... everything fits well

    > Stephanie...

    Kaklong has two pots of the white ones... I dont know, possibly the white ones not hardy enough as compared to the 15 pots of the pink ones... Yeap, the white looks very cool.

    > Janet

    Thanks for the info... i guess so, i googled "Euphorbia"... and some species look very similar.

    ~ bangchik

  5. What a beautiful, unusual plant - thanks for showing it to us!

  6. Very nice. They somewhat resemble a geranium

  7. >JGH

    The stem is full of thorns, and the shape is somewhat cactus in nature...

    ~ bangchik

  8. > Dirt Princess

    Some resemblance to geranium, i agree after googling it.... But the way petals overlap is really different.

    ~ bangchik


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