Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The fourth Zinnia is purple afterall.

I noticed that our zinnias are taking turn to bloom, red first, followed by purple and cream [click: Zinnia. and A bud and a bloom . We are eager to see the fourth blooming. The way I planted them, they are exposed to varying degree of sunlight. The earliest to bloom is the one with lesser sunlight and the last to bloom which is the fourth, has the most exposure to the sun. Its a bit premature to conclude anything here, as there are other factors such as moisture content, soil constituents and fertility.

So the fourth is purple afterall........

earlier bud

I love this moment,
baby petals ready to blow up!!

just bloom out
light purple.


  1. Purple is a pretty color in the garden. One would think that the ones getting the most sun would bloom first. Hmm...you will have to do further experimentation. I always wonder why one strawberry is sweeter than it's neighbor. My daughter was helping with some grape research that indicated the sweeter grapes were getting more light. I wonder if the same goes for strawberries.

  2. Very pretty. I have zinnias growing but no blooms yet.

  3. I planted Zinnias in my garden last year; this year I have no time to do that!

  4. > MLC
    > Kim and Victoria
    > Laura

    A friend was commenting about people being so unique, so different from one another..... he said " God never run out of ideas..." So plants I guess are the same, so different. As you mentioned, one strawberry is sweeter than its neighbour.

    KV, dont forget to show photos of your zinnia blooming.... and for Laura, what you dont plant, visits to friends blog bring about the same effect.... haha.

    ~ bangchik

  5. I love the way the zinna petals curve in on the side before they're fully bloomed. A few days can really make a huge difference in the way the flower looks, even after it blooms.

  6. Your planting experiment is interesting, but counter-intuitive... I would think they would bloom in the reverse order. The purple is pretty; I've planted seeds for green zinnia and hope they'll blossom into lovely flowers, too. Cheers!

  7. > JGH
    > Citydiggity

    Zinnias and any other flowers are beautiful at full blown stage. For those who follow closely the progress of flowering will notice that at earlier stages, flowers are just as beautiful....

    Yes, thats not the way it should be, the earliest to bloom should have been the one with more sunlight... But other factors will pull back the advantage out of having more sunlight...

    Thanks for the comments
    ~ bangchik


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