Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zinnia: three blooms, three colors.

The first time one little bud bloomed, Kakdah was a little bit exited [A bud and a bloom.] ...... We thought it will just end there, a single layer of petals, but within days, new petals grew and overlapped just like roses. Now we have three flowers, each with a different color and tone... I notice how the plant begin to produce branches after a few days of flowering... There will be one flower at each branch I guess... So vuejardin guessed it right, about zinnia keep growing with more flowers ( his comment in the post: a bud and a bloom).

We started with six plants, two of them are not growing well and therefore had to be pulled out... Now we are left with four. Three had bloomed, the fourth is waiting for its turn. It better be nice and pretty!!... These are fed with chicken organic fertilizer and occasional liquid organic spray....

Kakdah holding it steady
because its a little bit windy color 1

color 2

color 3

Zinnia's color is lovely. I am suggesting the tones for my zinnias.
Color 1 ~ lovely PINK
Color 2 ~ sweet RED
Color 3 ~ pretty CREAM


  1. Your Zinnia's are so pretty. What bright and beautiful blooms that add so much color to a garden.

  2. Hi, I got a bit of a shock when I opened your blog, I thought I had lost a day, It is still Tuesday the 9th here! Good luck with growing in the pots you should have no trouble with them as they are easier to keep moist and keep the slugs out or do you have them over there in such hot temperatures? Your Zinnias are beautiful.

  3. Zinnias are such colourful flowers. They will certainly add alot of colour to your garden.

  4. I love your Zinnas - beautiful!! Enjoy

  5. > Hocking Hills gardener
    > Peggy

    We are not very much into flowers all this while, but Zinnia really change our perception....

    Sorry Peggy, we do see sunrise much earlier than you... and we sleep earlier too... hahaha.. time difference. Our marigolds suffered in the "hands" of slugs before, not untill we bought poisonous baits to settle the score...

    ~ bangchik

  6. > Jo
    > Carrie

    They really add a lot of color to our garden, or as catmint in her latest post said, MULTICULTURALISM!!.....

    I cant imagine the range of color zinnias has.... 3 zinnias, 3 different colors!!!

    ~ bangchik

  7. Your Zinnias are beautiful. Their colors are so eye-catching! I would love to have them on my balcony, only that my balcony probably doesn't have enough sun for these flowers. -Sandy (Gardening on Cloud 9)

  8. After seeing your post I realized I had some zinnia seed I forgot to sow!! Zinnias are really nice blooms.

  9. Zinnias remind me of my childhood, since we had them flowering in the garden. Interesting how your all have different shades of pink.

  10. Me to are growing Zinnia for the first time this year. i got som seed form a guy I meet at a blogg in Sweden.
    They are only 10 cm high so far - but hope they will blossom like yours.

    I can see that the pot veggis are going well and you have red chilli.

    i do not like playing football but I love to go swimming when it is raining.

    Lanta I saw for the first in Tanzania (Africa) when I did a project, talking to medicinal doctors in the bush about medicinal plants.
    Lantan did grow wild there too.
    Here you can by it as a summer plant and have out side in the summer.


  11. > Sandy Wong
    > Janet

    But can we have pots in three or four levels at balcony, to have more pots and more plants?..

    How many times we forget about things, and in need of some stimulus to rekindle... so good luck to your zinnia soon Janet..

    ~ bangchik

  12. > Catmint
    > Maria

    Seeds I bought are of assorted colors, but never imagine each would be so distinct... beautiful shades of pink I agree...

    Maria.., goodluck to your zinnia, and dont forget to display them in your blog when they bloom. Yes, lot of wild weeds and plants tamed and become household plants.

    ~ bangchik

  13. I have ONE zinnia plant blooming...I bought it for next to nothing at a place where practically dead plants were being sold! It now has 3 beautiful flowers on it and more on the way. If I hadn't saved it, so much would have been lost! Your 3 shades are very lovely!

  14. > Jan...

    That was a nice gesture.., how grateful the plant would be, taken home, cared for, on the brink of death.... I am sure, your zinnia will bloom and bloom!!!... I have fourth zinnia blooming..

    ~ bangchik

  15. Lovely photos. I truly love Zinnias -- they are some of my favorite flowers in my butterfly garden. I bought seed packets of two varieties -- a super-tall species and a medium-height species. Somehow I think I messed them up because apparently I moved the super-tall seedlings to the front of my garden where they are towering over my poor skullcap... The grasshoppers loved the seedlings, but happily the zinnias are winning!

  16. Ok that last one was me. My first time using Typepad! Let's see if this one has the right name shown... -- Meredith

  17. > greatstems -- Meredith

    Thanks for the visit... Zinnias, the wonderful color!!.. I think mine is the medium sized zinnia.


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