Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lilies reacting to drizzles

These lilies seem to bloom out after a good rain or drizzle. Is it the rain itself, or the overall cooler temperature after the rain ? ..... It wish to think that it is not due to the rain itself because I have been dutifully simulating rain and drizzle everyday, as I am holding the hose, spraying almost at anything in the plot and lilies never respond to my daily drizzle!!....... Or water from the hose is not as cool as the rain water?

When lilies bloom, they do it in chorus. Every single plant seems to sprout beautiful pink and white flowers..... What a sight, more so because they bloom without much warning ....

even those temporarily placed in pots
join in the blooming fiesta.

gliding down the petals...


  1. Ah Kakdah has her flowers and they look lovely.

  2. Maybe the rainwater is warmer than that from the hose... That papaya looks wonderful!

  3. The last picture of the white flower buds is very beautiful.

  4. > Joanne
    > citydiggity
    > Autumn Belle

    Kakdah has her flowers indeed but she equally enjoy the basketful harvest of veggie....

    Over here rainwater is a lot cooler than that from the hose..,

    Glad you like the pictures..,hmmm.. the droplets trickling down, they are neat and sweet by taking turn.

    ~ bangchik


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