Monday, June 29, 2009

Bucketful harvest of spinach

Early Sunday Morning, I cut off some spinach which were planted as temporary companions of roselles. A bucketful .... and more to go.... The two sons had been giving signals to their Mom about daily menu has been very much spinach or choy sum or pak choy based .... Now that they are here in the middle of semester break, they should notice Kakdah different menu with vegetable garden within reach!

The vegetables are nice, almost sweet....... an output of organic gardening manoeuvre ! ...

[ bayam hijau ]
in red pail. Soon after they were packed in several clear plastic.
For easy use, kakdah put just enough for a dish in each clear plastic....
Popeye will be envious!

Kakdah showing a saucer of chillies.
Kakdah reminded about not to pick anymore green chillies,
and just wait for them to ripen.
I have to admit that our chillies come in all sort of shapes,
some are very laughable.
Those from the stores are much more uniform
and straight.
But taste is the same,
and ours is a little bit hotter, said Kakdah. Huh!... Phew!...


  1. Yes, Popeye would be envious...and I am envious of your chilies!

  2. They look so much better than anything you can buy.

  3. Home grown is always better than supermarket bought. I'm envious of your spinach, I'm not growing any.

  4. Yes, good that the chillies are hot! Good for cooking curry/hot dishes ;-) Never mind about the shape... sometimes, the shape in the market is also quite 'funny' looking. Btw, your spinach look so good!

  5. Salam kenal. Baru jumpa blog ni. Aktiviti pertanian yg menarik! Puas hati bila tanam sendiri kan? :)

  6. Those spinach looks healthy and surely fresh from the garden.

  7. > islandgardener
    > Joanne
    > Jo

    So far we are lucky with spinach... no real problem. They keep on growing from day one. These spinach and roselles are subsequent plants after tomatoes. We just let the bed rest for a week or so, fluff a bit, mixed the soil with poultry manure and compost.

    Haha...It is alright if some feel envious because we are envious with our own produce!!

    ~ bangchik

  8. > Stephanie
    > Synchronous
    > FJL

    The spinach looks good, possibly because I pick them up early in the morning... Like us humans, we always wake up feeling fresh and energetic!

    Shape of chillies is important just before we cut them into thin slices, after that we dont care and we dont know how was the original shape!..... haha.

    Part time gardeners like us will feel happy and satisfied watching nice slender, long and straight chillies hanging down...

    Synchronous... salam kenal kembali dan datang lagi. Memang puas hati tanam sendiri walau cilinya herot petot, apatah lagi jika bayam segar dan hijau.

    ~ bangchik

  9. Oh, I envy you Bangchik. How much I wish to grow some veggies too, only that I don't have enough light in my balcony. If I move one day, I definitely will find a place where I can grow some veggies :)

  10. Lots of different things seem to be called 'spinach' all over the world. Yours looks slightly different to what is called spinach in the UK. I am growing some New Zealand spinach this year and it is totally different again. I suppose lots of edible green leaves taste the same, eh?

  11. > Sandy W

    How I wish to have more time .... so short, just an hour before dark. And weekends of course.

    > Matron..
    Spinach here comes in different shape and color. The behave the same when they bloom... Flowers come out at every nodes top to bottom. The leaves are green, red and mixture of both. All three shade of color are here in vegetable bed.... Spinach taste differently from brassica, though both are green.

    ~ bangchik

  12. Hi,
    I was happy to see you at my blog today - thank you for your vist.
    spinach your own - Good on you and also the chilli


  13. My spinach is doing very well too. Thanks for the peek inside your garden!

  14. > Maria
    > The Hip Homemaker

    It's good to know that spinach grow everywhere... perhaps that's the most versatile vegetable around....thanks for the visit!
    ~ bangchik

  15. Spinach and bayam are different, spinach seeds look like lamb lettuce seeds while bayam seeds look like cockscomb seeds.


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