Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phasing myself within Blotanical

Tuesday, 16.6.2009.

I was going through blotanical, shifting from one section to another, clicking and opening up blogs, read and pick.... Then I realise that the blog and the blogger "bangchik" had just passed 10,000 points mark.

It seems there are 39 blotanists in Guru Sections. These are their names ....

1 Sylvia 39990
2 Nancy_SOLILOQUY 37192
3 CraftyGardener 36160
4 Frances 34911
5 Racquel 31936
6 jodi 29831
7 GardenJoy4Me 27020
8 Veep 26991
9 Robin 23865
10 Vanillalotus 22284
11 WWWenches 21086
12 cherry 20906
13 Sheila 20727
14 auntdebbi 20393
15 Gail 18745
16 LindaLunda 17563
17 tina_inthegarden 16773
18 Jan_Thanks4_2Day 16151
19 Artists_Garden 15450
20 Heather 15047
21 klaraau01 14458
22 Zoë_means_Life 14033
23 DawnHill 13978
24 LetsPlant 13353
25 Linda 13252
26 JaneMarie 12446
27 Northern_Shade 12201
28 Flowergardengirl 12101
29 Aud_p�_Dal 12074
30 gardenerprogress 11860
31 Daphne 11579
32 Tatyana 11409
33 ourfriendben 11201
34 patientgardener 10974
35 MNGarden 10836
36 Kanak 10548
37 Niels 10398
38 DrCraig 10177
39 Bangchik 10007

These blogs have been around, most are updated regularly and some attract massive followers. A little analysis on the 39 blogs within Guru section shows that they were with Blotanical for quite some time.

With Blotanical in 2009 ~ 4 blogs
With Blotanical in 2008 ~ 28 blogs
With Blotanical in 2007 ~ 7 blogs

As for my little vegetable garden, it will remain as a journal to the gardening adventure around our house in Putarajaya. There are many things to be tried and experimented. We may know things through readings, but putting what we know into real gardening is worth the effort. Garden is a little place, where diversity and multiculturalism are put to real test!!.... Occasionally, there will be snapshots of travellings and things I consider worth putting and sharing.

As I was phasing myself within Blotanical, I came across many interesting gardens and gardeners. As the motto says, Blotanical; supports regional diversity and engage gardening creativity.....

To a certain extent, I will always remain a learner definitely not a Guru as far as gardening is concerned. The fun of learning about gardening is as much as the satisfaction out of basketful harvest.


  1. Congratulations Guru! I agree with you, there's always something new to learn with gardening.

  2. Congratulations! With gardening, as with anything, the more we know, the more we realize how little we really know and how much more there is!

  3. Well done on becoming a Guru. As you say we are always learning with gardening and it is so good to share with other like minded bloggers.

    Lovely post.

  4. > Jo
    > islandgardener
    > Joanne

    Yes, there is always something new to learn with gardening..... and sometimes our expectation on gardening outcomes is way out... Skill, Luck, and sensitivity on what plants require to continue living healthily are some requirements to make a headway with gardening...

    Of course we fail sometimes.

    ~ bangchik

  5. Great post.
    There are a lot of great garden blogs, and some of them are brand new. It's fun to surf.

  6. this is a great blog! I love watching things grow, but in reality and in photos.
    Thank you!

  7. > Kim and Victoria
    > Lora

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting... My blog is beginning to look like a family album of flowers and veggies.

    ~ bangchik

  8. I have found that Blotanical as well as becoming an addiction is also becoming just like a family! Lovely article Bangchik. I enjoyed it a lot! Val

  9. > Valeri

    Yes, gardening is about growing things, allowing plants the best condition to continue growing, sharing space, nutrients, water and sunlight. Garden is a place for family of flora and fauna. Blotanical is place for the family gardeners to mingle and share....

    ~ bangchik

  10. Ah..a much hearty congratulations to you!!

  11. > Beegirl...

    Very nice of you..

    ~ bangchik


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