Monday, May 11, 2009

senduduk by the roadside

I stopped the car somewhere along the way home from Pahang. The name of the place is Batu Kikir. There were many senduduk plants by the roadside and there were blooms all over. I snapped, and I noticed that their color is alot denser that senduduks in my garden and petals more rounded... compare these flowers with those in the ealier post; Really True Blue Flower and Senduduk, an experiment on taming a wild plant. for any difference. Notice any?

flower and bud

flower, bud and fruits

a pair


  1. What a nice flower :-) I like the colour too. It is always so wonderful to see blooms on the road right? Have a great day Bangchik, Kakdah!

  2. I like both but am biased toward the blue one. There's just not enough blue flowers to suit me.

    I'm always stopping along the road. If I spent as much time in my garden as I do on roadsides the garden might actually look good.

  3. I have been finding plants for sale on the side of the road so it sounds like we are all
    pulling off the road quite a bit!


  4. > Stephanie, Wiseacre and Laura...

    Someone was saying, plants were once wild and some has been tamed and placed in gardens. So blooms are sweet and beautiful as the wild ones in jungles and roadsides......

    So laura has been finding plants for sale on the side of the road.... Yes, we are all alike...


    ~ bangchik


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