Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bud and a bloom

We were ambitious once, trying to germinate as many flower seeds as we can. Only two were sucessful, the rest fail to see the light. Now they are flowering, Celosia Plumosa and these. These plants are awfully awkward, shooting up with no side branch, so slender that they bend like snakes. One plant has stem resting on the soil for some 10 cm of its length with roots coming out from each node anchoring into the soil for greater brace.

The spot where these plants are now growing were once occupied by brinjals [June - September 2008] and winged beans [October 2008- January 2009]

The color of this flower is very heavy and rich!!

a bloom

a bloom

a bud

These plants are tucked along side the corns, six of them. We had thrown away the seed packet, and there is no way of telling the name of these. Nonetheless, the bloom is really pretty.

It is Zinnia!!!


  1. Beautiful! Your flower looks like a zinnia to me. Check it out

    they come in many colors - yellow. pink, red, orange, white, even green!

  2. Gorgeous purple Zinnia, let it have full sunlight, and it will grow taller with lot of flowers.

  3. Your flower looks like a zinnia-whatever it is it is beautiful.


  4. Hi Bangchik! Very nice flower! Now you give me more hope for the packet of seeds I sowed this week. Satu atau dua jadi pun cukup la for me :-)

  5. > Mindy
    > vuejardin
    > Laura

    If not for blotanical friends, we could just end up referring the bud and the bloom as "that flower" or "this flower"... So, it is zinnia afterall....!!!

    For now, there is no indication that each plant will produce more flowers because I cant see any side branch. Should I nib the shoot much earlier?... or the plants know when to branch out and produce more blooms by themselves?...

    ~ bangchik

  6. > Stephanie

    The fastest to germinate is "sawi", it cant wait longer than 24 hours.. The rest are slow by sawi standard....

    Flower seeds are such a naughty lot because they dont seem to germinate if we keep checking every hour or so.... It is when you almost forget about them, or had dismiss every hope, then one day, little shoots appear!! .. haha.

    The best way is to put seeds into pots or straight onto flower bed, cover with dry lalang or serai leaves and just water lightly everyday and just wait for little shoots through lalangs or serais....

    Good Luck, I hope it is more than one or two.
    ~ bangchik

  7. ha ha... bangchik you are so funny. TQ for the good tips. I really appreciate it!

  8. > Stephanie..

    Seeds are meant to continue the legacy of the mother plants, but of course not all will grow. That would probably be the reason why a plant will produce hundreds or even thousands of seeds.

    Like turtles in the sea kingdom, only a handful will survive to lay eggs for generations to come.

    Happy Gardening. [tapi boleh beli pokok segera, tak perlu semai dan pening2 kepala... haha!!!]

    ~ bangchik


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