Friday, May 15, 2009

Basil Browning

We only have one basil plant. Kakdah's menu doesn't require basil leaf often. Now Basil's flowers are turning brown. They look lovely with pagoda like shape. We have taken these matured flowers and crush with fingers to let the seeds out. Many had germinated coming to the fourth leaves now.....

flowers browning
Seeds are intact inside. Note the pagoda like shape

ready to replace the old one


  1. As a child in Mexico, Basil was used often. We called it Albahaca. I may be wrong but I believe this is an old Arab word. Now I grow it and eat it in salads and in many dishes. I never notice the pagoda similarity before. Funny.

  2. > David...
    I guess you are right. I like the smell of basil leaves.

  3. Hello. Greetings from across the ocean! We live in a suburb of Los Angeles. We wondered what your yard and garden were like in Putrajaya. How many square feet or meters do you have in your garden? Do you have year round growing? We are curious what it is like there.
    Suburban Gardener

  4. I just learnt from my friend that the Chinese name for basil is '9 Pagoda' plant as the flowers look like pagoda.

  5. > SuburbanGardener

    I have not measured the size of my plot. Maybe it is about time that I have to go down with measuring tape and get the size.... The house is semi detached. We have ample space at the front, left and back. I regard it as little vegetable garden.

    > J.C.

    Thanks JC for the info. I will check the flowers tomorrow, if there are really 9 pagodas....


    ~ bangchik

  6. Thank you for the response. It seems similar to us then with small yards around the house. You have nice photos.

  7. In a way, the smaller the plot, the less economical the adventure would be.. but pleasure and satisfaction derived from gardening is not something which can be measured in dollar and cent.... cheers, happy gardening.

    ~ bangchik


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