Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wedding in a garden...

Sunday afternoon... A normal day for wedding feast (or reception) here in Malaysia. A friend by the name Latif, invited us to his son's wedding at his Bangi house... Lovely house, nice cool garden and serene neighborhood. There were trees all over us as we eat and drink .... A few snaps here for friends to view....

a friend
and Latif's first son.

Latif and his wife
in traditional costumes

wedding feast
at Latif's garden.
The stems closest to the camera belongs to the red palm.

at the front of Latif's house,
Kakdah not too keen to pose.. haha.
The colorful umbrella like piece
called Bunga Manggar is a normal sign
that there is a wedding here,
and you are most welcome!!

row of cars
a typical sight whenever there is a wedding.

Anybody going to a wedding today anywhere in this big wide world?


  1. Congratulation to your friend's son and his new bride! For our traditions and faith, weddings are normally held on Saturdays (with Friday evenings an option, although not one most couples take). Loved these pictures. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Nice wedding, great friends, beautiful garden, lots of good food too...

  3. How fun!!! Looks like you all had a great time. Beautiful setting!

  4. Great photos, thanks for taking them. Kakdah looks great, her "pose" looks very natural! Love the Bunga Manggar for the wedding site. That would be hard to miss!
    No weddings coming up around here. Perhaps some day one of my two children will marry, but not soon.

  5. Everyone looked so happy. Nice wedding! And thankfully not too hot right? Kakdah, shy ah?... he he ;-D

  6. > Jeanne
    > vuejardin
    > Dirt Princess
    > Kim and Victoria
    > Stephanie

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting here.... I love wedding reception, love the food and enjoy meeting friends and new friends....

    Kakdah wasnt posing actually, I just asked her to wait while I busy myself snapping photos. Stephanie..., Kakdah tak malu sangat.. haha..

    So we shall see Kim and Victoria doing wedding reception for their children soooon....


    ~ bangchik


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