Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The man and the sea.

I was in Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a day... We went to visit the most familiar place, Pantai Cinta Berahi (PCB) towards the end of the day. Arief, Din and a few others were amongs us. A man caught my attention. He was anxious looking out for shoal of fish and he already caught some. He put ski-mask to ward off biting sunrays, I think.

I just had a feeling, if Ernest Hemingway was here, he could have written something about this scene, as long and as deep as his last major work of fiction "The old man and the sea" written in 1951 in Cuba.

looking out for shoal of fish

up his net to release the catch

always on the lookout

the catch
of Ikan Selar

The net he was using is called Jala locally, like a net parachute with little weights at the bottom. He threw it to the water and waited for the weight to close in and then he pulled slowly with the catch.... It is a technique which need sometime to master. So is gardening. Gardening is very much methodical and procedural, and passion will be a bonus. As the man is always on the lookout, a gardener will do the same, always looking for signs....



  1. Very pretty pictures. The light is beautiful.

  2. Fishing in a ski mask. Surreal.

  3. why is he wearing the ski mask?

  4. > Kim and Victoria
    > Prospero
    > David

    Oh..., a rather late reply to your comments. He wears ski mask to protect his face from the burning sunrays. He probably has enough tan... haha.
    ~ bangchik


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