Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh, My Sun flower!

Oh, My Sunflower!

I lost all the seeds.... None, I mean NONE had germinated!!... Then I am thinking, what wrong did I do, or is there anything that I miss in procedural approaches of germination .. haha... Okey, can always try again with some adjustment in; seeds, seeding soil, size of pots, amount of sunlight and water ... In fact I am going to look into all variable and parameters that has something to do with the process of germination... Nothing wrong in trying...

There is no photo in this post.... What's there to show?... Empty cups?... haha... Empty hearts, empty cups.....

Success is a journey with intermittent failures... is it so?

or as another friend puts it...
The road to heaven is full of hells....


  1. The glory is in rising every time you fall ...

  2. possible something wrong with the seeds?

  3. Dear Bangchik, yeah, maybe something wrong with the seeds.

  4. With gardening, there is always a next try.

    Sunflower seeds germinate fairly quickly for me (2 - 3 days) if they are not up in that time, I reseed. I agree with everyone, maybe the seeds were bad.

  5. Funny!! My best sunflower in bloom last summer was actually a volunteer (thank you, bird droppings!) so maybe if you don't do nuttin, it'll bloom..ha!

  6. That happened to me last summer. I'm not sure what went wrong, but it was frustrating. Well I hope you have better luck the second time trying. That's the thing about gardening that is so wonderful -- we always get a second chance. Good luck! -Jackie

  7. It happens to me many times. Don't give up! Try again! In no time, we will get to see your beautiful sunflowers posted here for us to view!

  8. >> Thanks friends, bloggers and blotanists....

    Thanks for the encouragements... I wish birds will come around and drop seeds like lynn...


    ~ bangchik

  9. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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