Friday, May 22, 2009

Orchids Bloom for May

We have not built a suitable house or hanging frame for orchids yet. A few are placed at the car porch facing the main road. These orchids are exposed to excessive heat at noon. Some are placed at the front porch... They tolerate the inconvenience for now...

The roots
We will soon cut off that part and place in a new pot [epidendrum].




  1. Wow Bangchik your orchids are beautiful! I am still waiting for mine to bloom. Mine was given by my neighbour's mother. It was about 4' high! I have to cut off part of the root then replanted into another pot. I am still waiting for them to bloom soon. Btw, I haven't seen the orchid flower before but was told that it is a red in colour.

  2. > Stephanie..

    see, everybody seems to be giving away orchids and plants for free.., a sign that most are kind hearted... If this good gesture spread everywhere, then nurseries really has to close shop. Matured orchids like yours is good, because it has survived long enough to produce good and strong little baby orchids!!.. lets see.

    Our epidendrums are very active in producing baby orchids... Soon the house will be full of epidendrums!!

    Have a nice weekend.

    ~ bangchik

  3. Wow, your orchids are stunning. I especially love the orange one, so vibrant. I hope the flowers last and you get to enjoy them for a while. Just lovely.

  4. Beautiful - the last one is stunning.

  5. >carrie...

    The orange epidendrum is nice.., it blooms in a bunch.

  6. > Melanie..
    Thanks... The last one is special, because the bloom is large and it last for about two months.. soon after, a new bloom will emerge from the upper node... A non stop bloom as it were..


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