Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bringing Orchids Home.

Kakdah went home recently to visit her mother with Yeop, the second eldest. Yeop drove all the way since he was in semester break and very free. It was a 5 hour drive. She came back with pots of orchids her mother passed over to her..... Nothing fancy, just ordinary ones. Some are hanged up, some are just placed on the porch floor, some are squeezed into pots.

We really have to look for more proper pots to keep these orchids.


very ordinary orchid
I wish I knew the name, but we have grown these before,
and the yellow flowers are really simple.
They will never grow taller than this.

little blooms
Back home, they call this orkid pasir or sand orchids
because these orchids thrive on sandy soil.
The leaves look like coming
from a palm tree.


  1. Orchids are very "exotic" for us here, and for you it is a part of your nature - so different all around the wold and so wonderful.

    Can you guess the fruit?


  2. Yes, orchids are very exotic, Kakdah has strong liking towards orchids and colorful flowers and plants. As for more, I love vegetable gardening more..

    Let me guess the fruit you mention in your blog: [ the eldest, the drying fruit looks very much like pomergranate, in Malaysia known as buah delima. I expect the leaves to be abit more longish...]

  3. I would guess that the "one that has yellow flowers" is an Oncidium. Many Oncidiums have yellow flowers and leaves and pseudobulbs like your pictures. - Jackie

  4. Wow, Kakdah's mom so nice. The orchid flowers are wonderful ;-)

  5. hello again,

    yes it is pomegrante - and in swedish it is called Granatäpple.
    I will send a gift for you soon,

    /Maria Berg, MB

  6. > Jackie ...
    Thanks for suggesting Oncidium as the name of the orchids with yellow flowers. I just googled "oncidium", I believe the flowers are about right for the orchids. It wont take long for them to bloom, when they do, i will post it in the blog.

    ~ bangchik

  7. > stephanie...

    Most Mothers are nice .. haha.. Fathers too!!..

  8. > Maria..
    We planted "buah delima" or granatapple 10 years ago, not here in Putrajaya, but somewhere else in Seremban... I recognise the characteristic of its buds and flowers. The striking part is the drying fruit with hard skin and the way it crumple... Thanks.

    I will be waiting for the gift... Kakdah is very anxious!! ... haha...

    ~ bangchik

  9. I've enjoyed looking through your blog entries. Great pictures ...


  10. > dinzie...

    Thanks for dropping and commenting... Blogs become a bridge to span regional diversity and support gardening creativity. So much to see and share. I am glad you enjoyed it...

    ~ bangchik

  11. Seems like you guys share orchids the way my sister and I share African violet cuttings! My last visit home to New York City, I left with three leaves...and now I have a dozen African Violets...pinks, purples, whites...beautiful! Good luck with your orchids.

  12. > Jeanne...

    Family and friends normally share seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Now, if everybody does that, nurseries will have to close shop!!.. haha..

    Thanks for the drop and comment.

    ~ bangchik

  13. Precious little red orchid from Kakdah's mom, such a sweet gift!

  14. > vuejardin

    Kakdah treasures the orchids so much... sprinkling water morning and evening!

    ~ bangchik


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