Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peanuts dancing with flowers

Sixteen peanuts are growing nicely within Batas Walkway.... But on Kakdah insistence, I inserted one plant in the middle and now is blooming. The way peanuts are growing, with lots of branches and weak stems, they really dance with the wind. The flowering plant in the middle creates a focal feature. Keen gardener would probably remember the name of that blooming plant, but I cant. Growing flowering plants is my new adventure, therefore not many click in the mind.

was taken very early in the morning, thus giving flower a darker tone

the little yellow flower
at the top right corner belongs to peanuts!


  1. I have never seen a peanut flower. I'm allergic to them but, my they are pretty. Love the pinky purple flowers whatever they are.

  2. > Carrie..,
    Peanut flowers are a little bit hidden within their foliage.. By nature, most flowers are for show to really attract bees, insects etc for polination, but peanuts are different!.. Flowers are well hidden, and the peculiar thing is they bloom above the ground, but the seeds or fruits or nuts develop under the ground!!!

    have a great day,
    ~ Bnagchik

  3. Its purple flower is nice :-D This is my first time seeing the flowers. TQ for posting. The peanuts must be very nice later also ;-)

  4. > Stephanie

    That purplish flower is not of peanuts... Other plant which I dont know its name..

  5. That is a nice purple flower even if it isn't a peanut! I was tempted to try growing peanuts, how challenging are they?

  6. > Dave
    Peanuts growing is fairly straight forward. Put seeds direct into the soil, 1 cm deep will do and cover them. They love sandy soil... or any soil that drain well... Thats about it.. So far no problem. Snails or slugs dont seem to like peanuts. So, lets give peanuts a try, Dave...

    ~ bangchik

  7. Bangchik, Your purple flower looks like it might be some form of Celosia. Does that sound familiar?

    (And, by another of those inter-continental coincidences, I am just writing a post with "peanut" in the title.)

  8. > Helen

    Celosia might just be right... Thanks, and you just written a post on peanuts?... Its really a blotanic coincidence connecting lands and oceans!!

    ~ bangchik


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