Monday, May 25, 2009

Peace with marigolds

I wonder if I really had disturbed the biological equilibrium of my vegetable garden. Since the day we bought poison baits pellets and put them around marigolds, I saw dead snails and slugs. We share the small space and we thought it is best to outmanoevred the other specie.s Okey, I cant go on with this guilt feeling, and lets go on with life...

Marigolds are beginning to feel free and be at peace and ease with nature... They grow, the earlier ones as the leftover of snails dinners..... The smaller ones are new batches..

Six of them at peace


  1. Hi Bangchik! I have the same problem with my marigolds. Poor little things, they lose their leaves to slugs.

  2. Marigolds are wonderful; I hate killing the nasties on the plot but needs must. At least they're eaten instead of our crops! But they lovely too, brighten up the place. Love C x

  3. I'm not like Carrie--if it is eating something I don't want eaten..good riddance. However I am quite lenient when I'm getting my share...I just don't like the little nasties to take it all, or most of it, or ruin it all in process!

  4. >tatyana.

    Whats in marigolds that slugs love so much?... delicacy to slugs!

  5. >Carrie
    Dealing with slugs over marigolds, the guilt feelings always there... They love marigolds as food, we love marigolds over beauty blooms.

  6. >MLC...
    Slugs go after marigolds with greed. They will finish one then go after another.. If only they go after leaves bit by bit, allowing the plant to continue growing and blooming, then things will be different.


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