Friday, May 8, 2009

Connecting sky, sunset and weather.

I took these photos a lot later than what I normally did. The sun had gone down for quite sometime, and the silvery paint on the sky was getting less..... But still an interesting sight to look at.......

I am not in a position to relate the sky, sunset with the weather. I know there must be some connection. We are living in a different era, so detached with the equations of nature. Older generations can tell a lot by looking at the sky and listening to the whistle of wind.......

The weather now is getting hotter, with lesser rains.

Any weatherman among us blotanists and bloggers?


  1. Awesome pictures Bangchik.

  2. Thanks keewee... now the weather is so hot and humid! ... ~ bangchik

  3. It's fun to see the subtle changes in each photo...


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