Sunday, May 24, 2009

A review of our Batas Walkway

Batas Walkway

A little section, just about 4 by 7 and its a metre away from the pedestrian walkway. The soil is fairly sandy here. We plan it to be like this. We just name this little section as Batas Walkway or Walkway Bed in English.

This sketch was done sometime in March... We were committed with it, and the bed was prepared. We were so disheartened when none of the seeds germinate in little pots. We were lucky when seeds strewn onto the soil germinated. Marigolds among others. We were playing hide and seek with snails over marigolds. We lost most of them to snails. The recently bought poison baits pallets proved very effective in controlling the overflowing appetite of snails. Whats left of marigolds are free to grow, not here where it was earlier planned, but over on other batas or bed, where tomatoes were once blooming and fruiting...

Only peanuts remain as the only surviving mascots for Batas Walkway and another blooming plant.

is this celosia plumosa?

So, shall we agree that even the greatest idea and plan will need some adjustment as we move along implementing them.... haha...


  1. The peanut tree is looking good! I guess it like the heat. I hope the snails will not be able to attack your marigolds anymore. The three kinds of plants you chose for your flower bed are beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. > Stephanie... I think peanuts love heat and sandy soil. I have seen people growing these in Mengelembu, Ipoh on "tanah bekas lombong"... you know peanuts with "old man" and "good" brand?.... all from Mengelembu.

  3. That's the best brand in the world!... I Ipoh 'mari' la he he... :-)

  4. >stephanie... I heard friends saying about every peanuts sold in Malaysia seem to come from Ipoh. More and more peanuts actually come from vietnam, cambodia, china etc... repackaged here with local brands and claimed to be grown in Ipoh.... hahaha... How about that!!


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