Friday, May 1, 2009

X- rated mushrooms

I just post the photographs here... without further elaborations. These are the leftover photos from Banding Trip. Cheers..... ~ bangchik

a friend cautioned me about posting this,
to him this is a bit too much because "..............."
But to me there is no harm in understanding nature, flora and fauna.

The normal
umbrella-like mushrooms


  1. It's not too much! Ha ha. Funny looking mushrooms.

  2. They certainly don't look edible

  3. Interesting looking 'shrooms!

    You ought to see an X-rated post of squirrels I put up during the winter. It was just nature doin' it's thing...and I thought it was interesting. I never got any complaints either!

  4. Sometimes when the weather is cooler like last December (rain whole month), some mushrooms grow in my plant containers. They can just pop out overnight! I have not seen the mushrooms in the second/last picture before... so cute.

  5. > Friends, Bloggers, Blotanists

    Thanks for the visits and comments.... It is tough on me to comment on this x rated mushroom

  6. That's great!

    I have no idea what kind of mushroom they are, but I think the ones in the bottom picture are green spored Lepiota. This is actually the most common mushroom people poison themselves by eating because in their earlier stage they can look a lot like Shaggy Maines which are another common lawn mushroom, and great to eat.

    Your indoor oyster production looks fantastic, congratulations!


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