Monday, May 4, 2009

Corns hair getting longer

It is only 6 sweetcorn plants, but they give such great pleasure just by looking at their progress. As the plants are blooming, and corns coming out, more and more roots come out from the lower nodes, to give extra support!

the fine hairs
swaying to the tune of the wind.
I call the color of hairs as light yellow.

hairs will come out soon.
I noticed ants climbing up and stayed around the baby corn.
I suppose they smell something sweet!!

more roots developing
in anticipation of
heavier weight upstairs
due to corns
developing at a very fast rate.

The tallest plant is about 9 feet top to bottom.... and the shortest is 5 feet,
also blooming.


  1. I've always thought those little hairs were pretty neat! Enjoy your day :)

  2. I agree with Dirt Princess -- they really do look like real hair!

  3. When the tassles at the top of the stalk starts dropping pollen, make sure some goes on the hair or the ears will not fill in!

  4. You are well on your way to culinary delight! I love fresh corn and will grow it for the first time in many years in my garden this year. Nine feet is so tall! Do you have wind there?

  5. I'm looking at all the exotic veg on your sidebar.

    I sometimes make Beef Rendang with sticky rice, your food gets a big thumbs up from me.

    Enjoy your corn.


  6. > Dirt Princess
    > islandgardener
    > Laura
    > Heather
    > Rob (ourfrenchgarden)

    The little hairs are really nice... so smooth... I have to thank Laura for giving out details on corns, the tassles and ears..... To Heather, its fairly windy here, but the plants grip really hard... Cheers Rob for having tried Beef Rendang with sticky rice...

    Now, I am counting days, when can I pick the corns....


    ~ bANGCHIK

  7. Good compound for all these stuffs in PutraJaya.

  8. Amazing! I love fresh corn. I wish I could grow it, but I don't have the room without everything else I want to grow... but maybe some day! --Jackie

  9. > rainfield61
    Not a big compound, but i try to put little bit of everything...

    > Ellie Mae's Cottage
    it's true ellie mae, we cant grow everything... but by doing crop rotation, over the years, we may just cover almost everything!!... ~ bangchik

  10. Wow ! your corns look amazing, mine are so tiny and haven't been planted out yet as we may get some more frosts. I have sown 2 different kinds and have about 20 plants in all. Perhaps I shouldn't plant that many ? I always sow too many seeds and can't bear to bin the thinnings. I am always giving away plants, which is always a pleasure for me.

  11. You have got a pretty good vegetable garden going. Everything looks good and healthy. I also like to see your exotic vegetables. The corn once ripe will be so sweet much better than the bought ones. If you have to many they can be easily frozen. Th freezing process makes them even sweeter and they taste just like fresh. Thanks for following my blog.

  12. > Maureen
    > Titania

    Thanks for the visit... corns are gone now. The spot is left vacant for a while. I am considering brinjals soon.... Oh, the sweetcorns are really sweet!!!

    ~ bangchik


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