Thursday, May 21, 2009

The casual visitor, a bird

A hot sunny day. A bird came over. Kakdah was quick to capture through the kitchen window. The bird is locally known as gembala kerbau. Its cousin, burung tiong is a smarter one, because it can be trained to imitate words, just like parrots.... Gembala kerbau or Acridotheses tristis gets its name from the fact that they are really at ease crowding on water buffalo's back which is a normal sight in paddyfields! Gembala is shepherd and kerbau is buffalo .

The bird was sitting on the dry yard swing door, their color match coincidentaly. Was the bird doing tricks with camouflage?

Oh, the bird turned its back before flying off....

A glimpse
before kakdah zoomed in for more..

standing on one leg
scratching its itchy ear i guess.
Oh, the bird looked so absorbed. ~ Remember how
we feel when
we clean up our ear wax?.... the feel-good sensation!!

turning its back on Kakdah
before flying away


  1. What an interesting looking bird. Nice shots, Kakdah!

  2. Thank you for popping by my blog. It looks like you have got a really interesting blog here, I am going to have a good read of it.

  3. Great shots Kakdah!!! Perfect timing

  4. The cousins of these birds which you mentioned are called Indian Mynah here in Australia, and they're regarded as a pest species here because they've done so well. They were originally brought here as caged birds which were kept as pets because they could talk, and after escaping their numbers have multiplied greatly. They compete very successfully with the native birds for food and nesting sites, are fearless, smart and work in teams when fighting with other birds. They're much closer to home in your garden, and I'm glad they're welcome there.

  5. Looks like the bird is resting and also ready to fly off to somewhere later. Kakdah has so much patient to take a photo of this bird. Good effort and nice shots! Btw, regarding the bleeding heart flowers, I guess it will take some time for the red corolla to show up from the white calyx. I have not planted one before hence not so certain :-) But it will be so wonderful to have more of the red corollas. Have another great day!

  6. > Kim and Victoria
    > Jo

    One of the most common birds around here... at times they are such a noisy lots,fighting. I dont know over what, probably over a nice petite bird-lady!!...

  7. > Outside In
    > Dirt Princess

    Yes, Kakdah was quick to capture, all through kitchen window... I dont know, what the neighbor would think as she peeped and shot.

  8. > Jamie

    I guess its all about survival of the fittest!!... nature is very dynamic in trying to achieve some form of equilibrium.

  9. > Stephanie

    This kind of bird doesnt really rest, they are always moving looking for food. That probably is the reason over in Australia, as jamie mentioned, the "gembala kerbau" cousins, burung tiong outrun others.

    The flowers would be a real sight, a bunch of red and white in rows... a real beauty!!

  10. I've never seen this bird before. He's cute. I love his big feet!

  11. > JGH...,

    The bird is fairly common here, lovely bird with nice and sweet chirps... Cheers! ~ bangchik

  12. When I searched "bird", I got this tiung posting.
    I like that butt shot! ;)

  13. > Tabib

    The bird is showing its most photogenic side for the last shot!! haha.


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