Saturday, May 16, 2009

Winged beans reaching out!

It is wonderful to see the shoots of winged bean , reaching out horizontally to sweetcorn plants. To be able to grab hold of sweetcorn stalks will be an achievement to these young shoots. Their sensory organs must be really working, to "see" and to reach the corn stalks.

to grab corn stalk

from the other side

becoming quite bushy


  1. Nature is amazing! The climbing plant can grab anything and continue to grow, I've seen pumpkins grow on the top of the roof. Do you have an arch in your garden?

  2. Hello Bangchik, climbing plant can be very strong. They hold and will not let go. Sweetcorn not frightened? ;-)

  3. I've got some peas that are doing the same thing... it's truly amazing how strong they are! -Jackie

  4. > vuejardin ...

    Yes, climbing plants are suppose to climb. They grab anything as you mention. I have seen money plants climb up palms and other trees to the top!... There is alot to know about winged beans behaviour... We dont have arch in our plot, I guess that will be a natural playing ground for beans!!

    > Stephanie ... I will be able to tell you whether sweetcorns are frightened, if I really understand their floral langguage!!... They speak somehow, through senses..

    > Ellie.... They make themselves strong by building up the size of the stems. I also notice how two or three stems twine themselves to further strengthen and show off their existence!

    CHEERS and have a great weekend!

    ~ bangchik

  5. wow. very cool shots. i too am impressed with the ability of beans to grab hold and pull themselves up.

  6. > Josie

    Beans are acrobatic, they can do bending, weaving and stretching.... thats just the way they survive, grabbing and reaching out and up... They do have sensitive tentacles... haha.

    ~ bangchik


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