Friday, May 1, 2009

The flowers of Kucai...

Flowers of veggies normally go unnoticed.... I dont know why, maybe we are so concerned with the harvest of the veggies... the flowers may not be as attractive as roses... but they are worth to look at... This is known as kucai locally or chives internationally. They are in two pots in Kakdah's hanging garden!!....

the flower bud

or chive

the flower
of chive blooming

the seed
I havent seen chive's seeds before,
now i have a chance....


  1. Kuchai can have a cluster of nice blooms like this? I never knew. Kuchai does taste nice too ;-) Have a good rest during this long weekend!

  2. > Stephanie

    Fried kucai is mouth watering, so is cucur udang mixed kucai.... A number of weddings to attend, therefore weekend is rest cum makan-makan!!.. cheers!

  3. I love chives, mine bloom purple though, and they smell heavenly. I just have them in my landscape. One of the first things I planted!

  4. We grow chives around our roses. It's supposed to help keep insects away. Ours also have purple blooms though.

  5. Chives are such a useful plant to have in the garden. I use then in many of my recipes.

  6. I have a couple types of chives (purple and white blooms) - they're basically flowers until they bloom, salad makings after :)

  7. The chive flowers are really pretty. I have the purple kind in my garden. The pictures of your vegetable plot are wonderful: I feel really hungry looking at them...

  8. >Friends, Bloggers, Blotanists..

    Oh.., so chives are insect repellents.. something new to me.. I dont put them on the ground, instead they are hanged 3 feet up on Kakdah's bamboo frame.. her hanging garden!

    Where can I see blue flowers of chives?

    ~ Cheers.., Bangchik

  9. Good point that many vegetable flowers are overlooked!

    Just as others mentioned, chive flowers are great tossed on salads, pizzas and sauces. In fact, you can add the flowers from many edible herbs to your favorite dishes. Enjoy!

  10. i agree that veggie flowers are overlooked but can be so precious. love the post.

  11. > Princess
    > Seasonal Wisdom
    > Josie

    Thanks, we overlook veggie flowers as much as we overlook sunrise as compared to sunset... We may just try chives flowers for the next dish!


    ~ bangchik

  12. Like Stephanie, I didn't know that chives have such beautiful blooms!!

  13. > JC
    sorry JC for such a late reply... yes, chives do have flowers, beautiful and last for over a month!!


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