Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving toad bitter gourds a try

This gourd is known as peria katak, then I translate it as Toad bitter gourd. the fruit is smaller than the bitter gourds I planted before. We germinated them a few weeks ago, and now growing well. Kakdah wanted to buy one ripe peria katak at Putrajaya precint 8 market, but the guy gave it for free... We cut it open and saved the seeds.

We just transfer the little plants into the soil at the front of the house, facing the main road. I have been squeezing the time available after work to have trellies up..... They are not complete yet. Okey for now, since the plants are still small.........

baby plants
in the dry yard, where we hang and dry clothes

baby plants
still in pots

4 bamboo stakes, the rest are not tied up yet.
3 little plants are already in the soil, flanked by serai or lemon grass

peria katak
So, within a month or two, these little peria katak will take shape
and stay hanging at our bamboo trellies.


  1. Dear Bangchick, how was your weekend so far? Here in PJ it rained about two times already. But still 'tak cukup la'. Today, the weather is so hot again :-( This peria is small in size right? I like to drink the juice. Even nicer if combined with apple :-)

  2. Hi Bangchick, I am interested in your post about the bitter gourd. I thought usually people grew gourds because they were decorative. But Stephanie said she drinks its juice. Cheers, catmint.

  3. > Stephanie..., weekend is always about the usual things.., but we end the day together with Kakdah at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. The place is on the other side of Prime Minister's office. The place was fairly crowded just now.. some did kayaking, some just relaxing..., we were drinking milkshake and taking photos!!

  4. > Catmint... we grow for the gourds. It's always fried gourds mixed with shrimps. I suppose Stephanie has a liking for gourds juice. She definitely adds some sugar to beat the bitter taste.

  5. Hi Bangchik, Kakdah, Catmint, yes I like the gourds juice. If combined with apple, the juice will be sweet enough for me. I didn't have to add sugar. Gourds have good nutritional benefits :-) Btw, the rainbow you saw from Kelab Tasik, it was so beautiful. Today it is cloudy here... but I love it... not hot :-D

  6. > stephanie... I thought you gonna say that, about apple juice being sweet enough to counteract gourds bitterness... Now I remember a P. Ramlee movie on "Pahit-pahit manis" {i think}... and another normal phrase..., hitam manis!!...

    I hope weather become more tolerable soon.

    ~ bangchik

  7. OK - on my list of new foods to try is now apple and gourd juice and fried gourds mixed with shrimps.
    cheers, catmint

  8. > Catmint....
    When you try, dont forget to share it out.


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