Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chopping down banana plant!

The banana plants (pisang) grown in our plot are wild type. Fruits are not normally eaten. We plant them because they are hardy, and the leaves and flowers can be used. We took the flowers few weeks ago, then we chopped the plant down. The leaves, the stem and the fruits were laid down for composting....

One down,
the rest still growing


  1. Banana plants are so tropical looking. And I love the flowers.

  2. I like the banana plants too, hopefully the other one will grow fast.

  3. So tropical. Wish I grow something like that but it's way too cold where I am. Maybe I'll move to Florida! :) -Jackie

  4. I did not realize how much my little red banana tree looked like other banana trees - interesting thing I learned today :-D

  5. Hi Bangchik, no wonder there are plenty of banana leave supply in the market. When I go to take banana leaf rice, I always wonder how did they get so many leaves. Now I know :-) Good information. TQ for dropping by my blog earlier. Good to know that Kakdah has some plants same as mine :-) Happy working and gardening!

  6. How come you don't grow bananas for eating too? Is it more complicated?

  7. Wow, I know nothing about banana plants but they look fabulous. I doubt one would last long in Northern Ireland. Would love to try cooking food in a banana leaf, maybe I turn up at your door one day, haha. Beautiful shade of red flower, so pretty!

  8. > Prospero
    > Outside In
    > Ellie Mae's Cottage

    Banana plants are truely tropical., Jackie doesnt have to move to Florida, looking at our plants is like coming to the tropical land...

    > Melanie
    you give banana planting another try?

    > Stephanie ... people seldom use leaves from wild banana plants. They are smaller, and not big enough to place fish head curry!

    > Julian
    For fruits, there are many banana plants available. The wild plants in my plot are not for the fruits....

    > Carrie.. do come and enjoy curry served with banana leaf!!



  9. One down, two growing..

    life cycle!

  10. Oh I learnt something new here. I didn't know that wild banana plant's leaves are small.

  11. > azlanlin
    > J.C.

    Thanks for the visit, yes one down and more growing. The leaves are smaller than the cultivated ones and the color is a bit yellowish. The stems has slight silky light red color....


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