Saturday, May 9, 2009

The last of my bitter gourd.

One of the toughest thing to do is to decide when to pull out the aging plant and dismantle the trellis... because the old plant is still growing with fresh shoots and blooming... fruits are however getting smaller and smaller and of lesser quantity.

In a way, the old bitter gourd plants are somewhat abandoned... so must so that the fruit ripens hanging.... We have been travelling all over the place lately, reaching home rather late. Gourds are hidden under the leaves, and forgotten.....

I think the lifeline of this bitter gourd plant will be disconnected in a week or two .... Sad.

over ripening

one of the few
young bitter gourds still hanging and growing


  1. What do you do with bitter gourds?

  2. Hi Bangchik, Kakdah, for the ripen bittergourd, can use the seeds to grow again?

  3. Over ripening orange color is so beautiful, I bet it's seeds will grow lots of new plants

  4. > mlc .... we use bitter gourds for cooking... slice them thinly and fry with shrimps..

    > islandgardener, Outside In.... we are lucky to live to 90 yrs, theirs alot shorter, 3-4 months. I keep the seeds for the next planting, next month.

    > Stephanie, vuejardin ... We really have to allow gourds to ripen. By then the seeds are fully developed. We had saved more than needed. Click on bitter gourds at MY BLOG'S LABEL, to see how's the matured seeds look like....


    ~ bangchik

  5. oh i grew these 2 years ago, horrible lol, but a good educational experience for a cold climate :D

  6. It's kind of cool to watch a plant go the whole life cycle, not picking it up when we want, but let it finish its life itself. It's a weird association, but my old dog died just two days ago. Most of the people put dogs to sleep when they get old. I'm so glad that we let our dog to decide himself when to go. I don't know why but I read about your old gourd and thought about my old dog.


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