Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our banana is flowering

We have been waiting for this, to see our banana plants flowering. We didn't realize it actually until we saw the red petal falling off on the ground below..... This is the typical wild banana flower... a bit longish. The normal banana flower is a bit bulging in the middle..... We will wait for a while before chopping it off for salad... People dont normally eat wild bananas...... We just use the leaves and soon the flowers..... We call this flower as Jantung Pisang (the heart of banana)

pisang berbunga, jantung pisang

if you want to see how an ant is checking nectar,
you cant click the above photo for
a larger view...
haha... malaysian ant!!

ALICE ANASTASIA did mention about losing her red-leaved banana due the cold winter.... Yes, she may find this posting interesting.... at least to rekindle the sweet memory of her bananas.. Anybody else planting banana?


  1. Do you eat the flowers???
    how you make the salad? I've never heard of it before..

    Nice pictures!! Keep posting

  2. > Rikesh..... We boil it, the whole bunch,the red petals and the little flowers inside.... I will take some photos and post it in the blog when we pluck it, do salad with it... cheers.

  3. We've kept a few banana plants indoors, moving them out for the summer, but currently don't have any. Yours is great looking.

  4. >K & V....
    So it is not easy for you to grow tropical plants, having to shift them in and out according to season/weather... Equally we cant grow yours succesfully here, unless we are living in the cooler highlands... cheers!

  5. What a pretty flower. I have not ever seen a banana flower and was amazed to see it and it's shape. Very interesting.

  6. Hi Bangchik. None of my bananas have flowered yet this year. It's been quite dry lately and it's still a little cool here. But I love it when bananas flower. It is just so incredible.

  7. heather
    .... Now you can see a close-up photos of banana flowers!!

    Prospero... In a way, banana flowers are very unique..... Hard to explain, but it is...



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