Friday, June 11, 2010

The space to breath in rural setting.

Those who grew up in villages can be very defensive and nostalgic at the same time on mere mention of rural setting. It may not totally out of pure love towards countryside, but I suspect more for the sense of childhood familiarity. Then some of us travel far and settle down in urban areas. Creating what we love, to rekindle the childhood mood is the most sensible thing to do, thus having gardens, or at least having potted plants on the 24th story luxury condominium.

Lands are measured in acres and time is allowed to tick by the hour. That happens in rural setting. But in cosmopolitan environment, lands are accurately measured in square foot and time rushes in seconds. It is the vastness of space that allows nature to thrive, and green to continue being green. Then it is a pleasure to see time as just day or night. It is then easier to breath.....

when everywhere is painted green including the fruits

baby rambutans


the luxury of space for pandan to grow wild.

bamboo with space to grow and breath

composting is nothing new

cotton, pure and fluffy.

Kakdah's birthplace, Sitiawan



  1. Beautiful post with interesting words. It is so true that time ticks by differently depending on setting. The baby rambutans are adorable.

  2. Very thoughtful post with lovely photographs. I, too, long for the rural space and time.

  3. Durian is not painted green currently, and they semll so good.

    I am looking towards my Sunday in a Durian plantation.

  4. Bangchik, you described it so well, which i can relate perfectly. We have the same environment so almost the same vegetation too. I am maybe blessed that i live only 3.5 hours from the big city where i work, so when weekends are free i really make sure to come home to the province where our old house and farm is waiting. The air is clean and smell of old culture, tradition and values are still felt. How i wish i can go home this long weekend, but i have appointments with friends to stay in an exclusive environment only fitting for the "rich and famous", hehe, might as well compare the difference. thanks for titillating the senses.

  5. I can so relate to your post! I grew up in a kampung and now that I'm living in an apartment, I try so hard to relive those memories. But a balcony garden can never be as satisfying as a sprawling kampung one!

  6. Living like that is so relaxing. I love the baby rambutans!

  7. Your writing is so perfectly descriptive of living life in a rural, or a city setting.

    Time and space measured in small increments.


  8. Rebecca ~ time is not standard but very relative according to Einstein.

    Wilma ~ May be we live longer in rural area, because time and space inflate there..

    rainfield61 ~ hope you enjoy durian so much. cool it a bit with manggis...

  9. Andrea ~ life is so relative dear Andrea that even rich isn't rich to eyes of poor people. And the rich do have to stay with the poor for a stretch of time to appreciate the exact meaning of rich and its relativity. So is time and space...

    Blur Ting ~ we can be very nostalgic with rural setting, but too bad rural may stay rural for us. Things are so dynamic.

    AaronVFT ~thanks, i think it is relaxing because time is longer and space is bigger in rural areas.

    Muddy Boot Dreams ~ thanks for the visit and comments. A minute on a wooden chair in rural areas looking at nature is never the same as on the 24th level of the most expensive condominium


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