Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Beautiful Sunset ~ as sun is going down.

Just came back from Pahang....., this stunning sky caught my attention .... and I thought, those not very familiar with this part of the world, may want to see what we are seeing everyday around 7.30pm.... a sunset!!... Today's sunset is a little bit silvery.. Here you are, live from Putrajaya, Malaysia!

from the porch,
picture taken by the youngest son, Izwan.

Sweet Corns
inching in for a little bit of limelight!!
of course made visible
with the help of flash from the camera.
Sweet corns are much bigger now....

How is sunset in your place?..... Silvery too?


  1. What a sky show. Drenched in color. Thank you for sharing it with me - I love learning about other parts of the world.

    Jeanne (America, east coast, Virginia)

  2. WOW~ the picture of sunset is really beautiful! I am speakless toward it ...

  3. beautiful sunset - is it tropical where you are? I adored the sunrises and sunsets on my recent holiday, but at home we are surrounded by trees and houses, so hardly see the sky. Please tell Izwan from me he is great photographer.

  4. > Jeanne, muggle, catmint...

    I am glad you like it... but we are seeing it everyday.... of course when sky is gloomy and rainy, skyline at sunset will be different... for catmint, Malaysia is truely tropical!! ~ cheers! ~ bangchik

  5. >catmint .... Izwan just gave a cheeky smile!

  6. A perfect ending to your day.

  7. Very pretty. We don't always have nice colorful sunsets here, but when we do, we appreciate them!

  8. wonderful images, sunrise and sunset are something I don't see much of in the woods.

  9. Your sunsets are spectacular! Ours are different every day here in the middle of the U.S. Some are more colorful than others, but not as deep as yours. Lovely!

  10. >Kewee 'jennifer', Kim and Victoria, wiseacre, and Sue... We seldom sit around and look at sunsets here.., because that coincide with many other things in the house.., dinner for example, closing windows and doors and drawing curtains.... So most of the time we simply miss nature's most beautiful sight! ... ~ bangchik


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