Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adorable fruit, jambu air.

I saw this fruiting tree in the neighborhood and snapped!..... In Seremban some years ago, we planted this plant, known locally as jambu air (Eugenia aquea Burm). when fruits are ripening, you are definitely promised with basketful harvest everyday!!!... For now we are eagerly waiting to see our papayas turning yellow........ I dont know, but it has been ages...

On this photo, I love the waxy and shiny skin of jambu air,.... so adorable.....

young fruits

baby fruits

Our tomatoes are getting bigger. I never know that the plants are going to be very bushy and heavy. Now the bamboo supports are about to give way....... and the earlier tomatoes are changing color..... a shade of light orange/pink/red color!... Kakdah may be able to snap a few photos tomorrow......

So what fruit in your place equals jambu air's beauty?


  1. Hello Bangchik & Kakdah, Jambu Air is very nice and juicy. I love this fruit. I buy Jambu Air from Tapah rest area along the highway. I hope that you could harvest them soon :-) Also, good to know that your tomatoes are doing well. TQ for dropping by my blog earlier. Happy gardening!

  2. I love jambu air. But I don't like it when my neighbour used to have a huge jambu air tree. The hairy blossoms would fall into my fish pond whenever the wind blew. It gave me a lot of headache coz I gotta clean my pond frequently or else those hairy blossoms would just rot in the pond and smell terribly. I have to give up the pond due to the inconvenience. I am glad that the new neighbour has chopped down the tree. But that does not stop me from liking jambu air.

  3. I love papaya...papays and mangoes are my favorites! How lucky you are to be able to grow such sweet fruits

  4. Eugenia uniflora (looks like a little red pumpkin) grows wild around here. My papayas are looking a little beaten up after all that winter wind they got over the last few months.

  5. As Dirt Princess said, you are indeed lucky to have papaya and mangoes in your garden!! I have no fruit growing in my garden:-( I know I could, and I have grown strawberries in a pot before...and there are wild strawberries in the yard, as well. Tomatoes are considered a fruit (!) and I usually grown them. But, you have a different environment and it all looks wonderful;-) Jan

  6. I've never heard of jambu air fruit before. We're growing strawberries this year because they are my favorite fruit.

  7. Bangchik and Kakdah, jambu air is a beautiful fruit. I've never seen it before. The only fruit that's in my garden are some citrus, mostly Meyer lemons which are quite beautiful but not quite up to the beauty of jambu air. I'm very jealous of your tomatoes. Those do grow in my garden but my plants are only a couple of inches tall right now!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a thoughtful (and reassuring) comment.

  8. I always enjoy this fruit that is served in Rojak.
    You must have Rojak in Seremban, I think.

  9. >Dear friends....

    The photographs really potray the fruits as being beautiful. Thank you for your comments. The fruits are sweet and very watery.


    ~ bangchik

  10. I just got the Jambu Air plant too. But mine is the Green color type. Waiting for the flower to turn into fruits.



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