Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lowland tea and paddy.

I was travelling across Negeri Sembilan towards Pahang, and I saw this... Just to share things we can see along the way... Here you are.

lowland tea
under the shade of oil palm trees
Pahang. Normal place for tea plantation in Malaysia
will be in highlands such as Cameron Highland.

lowland tea

lowland tea
I just make the tone darker.
old and new
oil palm trees

paddy field
kuala pilah area, Negeri Sembilan

Pictures were taken as we made brief stopovers along the way,
a breather for both of us and the engine as well....
Do you do long distance travelling without break or stopover?


  1. Everything is so green and lush. Beautiful terrain and countryside. I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. I wasn't aware palm trees are also used as shade trees for tea. Beautiful photos. The green of paddy fields never fail to cheer me up!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Bangchik. I always like to see what's going on in other countries.
    Is your soil very acid? Tea plants like acid soil?

  4. I thought tea came from a tree!

    How green is your country, it's beautiful.

  5. What a sight, so much green!
    Stopping while traveling depends on the distance. We often drive 4 hours for a camping trip and we'll stop once along the way.

  6. What a road trip! Cross country drive is fun, I used to drive 8 hours straight crossing 3 states.

  7. Seriously? Lowland tea? Wow it's amazing! I have only seen tea trees at the Boh Plantation on Cameron Highlands. Thank you for this post. Btw, Bangchik, Kakdah, thank you for joining my blog :-)

  8. I have been to rubber plantage on a few plces all around the world.
    The blue flower Tibochina I think it is called I have in my house.

    And Palmtree i wish I had one.
    On my page there is a translation thing on the left so at lease you can get it in English.
    Yes she was eating teh sour fruit!

  9. > Dirt Princess , Kanak Hagjer , Prospero .... It is always green here... I am not too sure if tea loves acid soil.., but acidic soil is fairly common at lowlands.

    > David, Kim and Victoria , vuejardin .... I will make a short break after two hours of driving, especially when the sun is high.... I suppose the plants may grow tall and qualify to be called a tree if they dont prune regularly for the leaves..

    > Stephanie.... drive from Kuantan to Segamat, you will find a place called Muadzam Shah, and you can see the plantation.

    > Maria Berg.... I just visited your blog, still I cant find the translation on the left as you mention... but it doesnt matter, I can use intuition, or universal sense to read and follow...

    cheers!!! ~ bangchik

  10. Thank-you for posting these photos- your country is very beautiful! I like to see and learn about other places around the world.


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