Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winged beans are balancing ...

The plants are really something ... the way they branch out, with no climbing agility yet... they are balancing themselves, against April wind.... I did a quick frame, so simple that it is laughable ... they are my ever ready, multi purpose and reusable bamboo .... These bamboos has been with us for more than a year....... Some are big, so we split them into halves...

We call it as three legged winged beans climbing frame! ... I guess it wont be long before the plants climb up and cling to the awkward looking frame...

These winged beans or kacang botol / kacang kelisa in Bahasa Malaysia, are tough plants. The bloom rather late, but once they are ready it is like a basketful daily harvest! ... That was the experience having 5 winged beans plants last year..

bamboo frame
The three legged climbing frame for winged beans,
fixed to the ground and
tied up in the middle with wire.
We will allow two plants with this frame.
.... More plants will make the frame dense,
bushy and heavy!

Wing bean plants
small, and active playing with April winds


  1. Great bean teepee. Can't wait to see it covered with the vines. We've got one from plastic garden stakes. I need to get a trellis up for our peas, too.

  2. hi Gardeness...
    Thanks for dropping by.... Hmmm... I am trying to look for plastic stakes... cheers!

  3. I have been looking for a place near my home where I can buy bamboo. It will grow here in Kansas but I can't find anyone to sell me some.
    Oh, the things I would do with bamboo!
    I have something I call Japanese bamboo but the canes are tiny and they don't grow very tall.

  4. I have a bunch of bamboo I plan on creating a teepee or something like it, for a clematis to grow up. My beans go in the ground as soon as this darn rain stops.

  5. David and Keewee,

    They used bamboo to hoist up political party flags during the last election a year ago. Then these were sort of left by the road side .... I just took some home ...

  6. Now that some info for me, in my place the winged beans is called kacang belimbing/belibit.

  7. FJL..,
    Different names but the taste remains the same ....


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