Saturday, April 4, 2009

bitter gourd in frying pan!

So thats what happen to bitter gourd.... in frying pan! It was friday April the third. She (Kakdah) snapped every stage, and I just pasted some here. That's our lunch ... There were more .... like sambal belacan, rebus pucuk ubi kayu, and ikan bakar ... I will show the rest later ... cheers!

goreng peria

Kakdah let bitter gourd slices remain in water for a while....
I think she want to subdue the bitterness through osmosis ..
you know, we were taught by biology teachers
about molecules migrating from a higher density
to a lesser ...
The ingredients
gourd slices, chillies, sawi seeds, onion slices
and a little bit of shrimps

onions and chillies
fried first

the final
mixed up the rest and simmer a while....
Kakdah specifically asked me to mention
about that frying pan or wok or kuali ....
a 20 year old cooking utensil!....


  1. Your wok looks as though it has cooked many delicious meals throughout the years.

  2. Keewee ... yes, both delicious and not so delicious meals ...

    Kim and Victoria ... thanks.

  3. Wow that makes me drooling..psstt your wok kinda same like mine except that I didnt have the courage to snap it *grins*


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