Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winged beans against April wind

The winged bean plants are growing well ..... April wind is getting a little bit softer now, but these plants cant do balancing all the time as they get bushier, therefore the plants has produced climbers as if to say " thank you very much" for my effort of putting 3 legged bamboo frame just for them..

Here they are .....

April wind will not let the climber
has an easy time going up....
see, how tight the climber
is clinging to
the bamboo....

These plants are treated organically.
Just homemade compost, mulch
and poultry manure pallets.

the climber
view from far

Last year, we were too ambitious planting as many as 6 winged beans plants. It was just too much. May be we let just 2 plants to grow.... manageable number and adequate harvest....


  1. Looking good! I'm sure it will have no trouble climbing the bamboo.

  2. Laura... I hope so. But April wind is so strong at times...

  3. I usually cook winged beans with dried prawns and sometimes mix with canned food like sardines and hot cili padi. Any other added stuffs to make my usual winged bean menu taste different? :)

  4. FJL..,

    I like it raw..... cicah dgn sambal belacan..


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