Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peanuts update: flowering

Now all 16 peanut plants are fighting for water, air and nutrients ... they are showing some interesting character ... leaves will open widely as if welcoming the sun, but when it rains, the leaves fold themselves, like saying "No, i dont like getting wet!" They also fold themselves as the sun goes down, and completing their fold when the night falls ....

There is a tree by the name raintree, a massive tree with canopy as large as a football field which exhibit the same resting manner.... Our little ulam raja also curls up and folds into a nice little cone saying goodnite to the moon and sun... very interesting.

tiny yellow flower

Peanut is an interesting plant,
because after flowering, roots will develop and push downward into the ground, taking along all the genetic elements from polination process. The seeds develop in the ground whereas flowering takes place up in the air.


  1. Is that a peanut plant? I've never seen one. I thought it looks very similar to a kind of ground covers (don't know what they call them). The same leaves, stem and even the yellow flowers. Interesting! I might post their pictures (hmmm ...) if I can find any.

  2. >Lili / Blossom

    Its peanut alright ... I can imagine what you mean... Thats something else ... yes ground cover that will give yellow setting... Thanks Lili.

  3. I grew peanuts one year in my garden and they were very fun to watch. So interesting to see the pollinated flower go into the ground and make a peanut where we cannot watch.

  4. >Kris..
    I have not seen the roots taking the genetic element into the ground yet .... the moment I see one, I will keep track and snap photos to share.... cheers!


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