Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First harvest of our tomatoes!

We picked the tomatoes very late, around 7.15pm today..... I thought it would be best to celebrate the first harvest by doing a little bit of presentation...... here you are....

the first harvest
altogether one kilogram.
Kakdah picked them up around 7.15pm today
and placed them in a basket.

early in the morning
around 8.00am, Kakdah looked and
shot a few photographs.
The tomatoes look so wet
because it rained last night.

So, the long awaited first harvest of tomatoes happened today.
How's your tomatoes?....


  1. Do you eat fried green tomatoes? They are good.

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  2. It's still not warm enough here to plant tomatoes outside. It's supposed to be warmer later this week; the frost-free date in my area is May 15.

  3. We should be able to plant tomatoes in a couple weeks. Your photos are awesome! Do you have a reason for picking some of them green?
    Do you ripen them or cook them green?

  4. > Princess, Laura, Sue...

    So you just have to look at my blog to warm up your enthusiasm about tomato gardening.... before your weather gets warm enough.... Princess, I have checked your blog, they are good and interesting...

    ~ bangchik

  5. Beautiful. Ours are still inches high.

  6. Great shot of tomatoes. They look so fresh in the picture :)

  7. >K&V..... so when yours start flowering and fruiting then I can enjoy looking at your photo and posts....

    >FJL... they are really fresh as salad, as fresh as in the photo!!

  8. Beautiful!!!!! What breeds of tomatoes are you growing ??


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