Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking back is important too.

Arriving at destination, pushing forward to achieve target, utilising all resources to grab opportunity are things in everybody's mind. What about looking back once in a while... its like checking, monitoring and to ascertain we doing fine...... The same thing to gardening.....

A few photos here on ripples made as we were charging forward.... on Banding trip not on a raft, but on a boat........ the ripples are leaving us or chasing us?

Talk about looking back, I am still thinking what has gone wrong
with my sunflower seeds.....


  1. The photos of the shoreline look like what you might see here (especially when viewed from a distance).

    I've never tried growing sunflowers; I bought some seed earlier this year and have plans to try!

  2. Wow looks lovely! What happened with the sunflower seeds? No germination? I am growing a couple in pots at the moment, they germinated well, but they were from a commercial seed packet, which is always less desirable than using your own home grown seed.

  3. Fabulous writing style. We have abundant wild sunflowers growing on the open field during summer.

  4. I love to watch the water, always something moving. Keep us posted on the sunflowers.

  5. Beautiful photos...beautiful thoughts....!

  6. > Dear Friends Bloggers Blotonists....

    I was born in a little town 500 metres away from the sea.... So water is extremely familiar. When I was very young and the traffic a lot less, we can hear the waves in the middle of the night... so soothing!! .. haha...

    Talk about sunflowers.... I put seeds into paper cups with soil in. I waited and waited... Nothing came out... the whole lot of them.. So the first attempt was total failure... Seeds were bought from local sotore in packets... poor quality, too long in the packet, temperature, moisture content... I can just go on and on with the possible causes.... No harm in trying, failing and try again.... Right??

    CHEERS!!!.... Blog On..

    ~ bangchik


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