Friday, April 17, 2009

Treasuring jungle products

Kakdah loves her rattan sofa so much... rattan is a wild plant, winding and crawling in the jungle. I have seen rattan plants when we lived in Pahang years ago.... these plants are real fighter, fighting their way up for a bit of air, space and sunshine .....

We just had our 12 year old rattan sofa repaired and revarnished at Rattan Decor .... somewhere close to the old airport of Subang.... I thought the effort, enthusiasm in creating these rattan pieces are marvellous ... such an artwork!!

the front

the side

the back view

the single

Coffe table
the underneath

side table
keen eyes will recognise
the little table cloth hanging down ....
Sabah ethnic design!

round container
of rattan artwork too

magazine basket
of rattan artwork too

open shelves
of rattan artwork too, curved top.
This has been with us for 16 long years

open shelves
the legs and the sides.

How's your rattan pieces at home?


  1. >princess

    Thanks... do you have jungle products as furniture as well?

  2. Ratan is an amazing plant. Is it grown commercially in Asia?

  3. I have no rattan pieces at home. But when I was in Indonesia a few years ago I went backpacking in a Bamboo djungel.

  4. David.... yes it is grown commercially, so is bamboo!

  5. maria.... oh you been in this part of the world.... come back gain, things have changed!! ... haha ... cheers!

  6. Hi Bangchik, Kakdah! I have rattan furniture at home too. They are sturdy and durable. I think my rattan varnish colour is same as yours too :-)

  7. Momma Bear & Stephanie

    Thanks.... steph, so your furniture is of the same color?...

  8. I have been trying to buy some used rattan here for my porch but the prices are out of my reach. Someday I will find it. I love your pieces, just beautiful!

  9. Your rattan furniture and other pieces are beautiful.

  10. I have rattan chairs and a small table in my foyer. I love them but they are nowhere as pretty or as well made as the ones in your pictures.

  11. >Jeanne....I am sure you will find it someday, and it will last for a very long time..

    >perennialgardener ..... Thanks

    >Stacy .... so you have rattan chairs!

  12. Those are beautiful pieces! We had a wicker chair with a basket foot rest many years ago, but I'm not sure what it was made from. It's great for you to live where rattan grows.

  13. >Sue....Rattan furniture is not cheap , even though rattan grows here.... But affordable if one plans to have one...


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