Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tomatoes, wet after a good shower

Rain falls almost everyday ..... After a good shower, the tomatoes sparkle, shine and smile ....... by now they are already putting on weight..... I would like to share a few photos here, all snapped by Kakdah ....

look at the tears of joy after a heavy shower,
they get so used to Malaysian weather;
rain and shine

Three clinging to one another,
warming each other!


  1. I can't wait until I see that in my garden!

  2. You have lovely tomatoes growing. So tasty when home grown; like with all other vegetables or fruit as well.

  3. I can't wait until tomato season in MN. I just started my seeds last week, so I have a long road ahead :)

  4. Hi~~ Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments. I look forward to more correspondence. Your tomatoes look so shimmery and fresh. Don't you just love gardening?

  5. they look so lovely! I wish it would rain a little every day here. Look forward to when you start harvesting these little gems

  6. Your photography is so exquisite! Everyone treasures the ripe tomato, but you have made the green tomato a true thing of beauty! Lovely!

  7. Hello Bangchik, Thank you again for dropping by my blog. Wow your vegetable garden is so amazing. How's the weather at Putrajaya. It is cloudy here in Petaling Jaya. Looks like going to rain soon. Yesterday we had sunshine in the morning and early afternoon but later rain pulak. But for past two weeks, fortunately there is always sunshine after rain. If not lagi teruk kan?

  8. Lucky tomatoes, wish I have some sooner in my yard.

  9. The tomatoes looks very Good!

  10. Laura....
    Your days will come, but for now just enjoy what we have here in Malaysia ... So happen we have spring and summer all year long... see ya! ~ bangchik

  11. >Titania
    >Outside In

    Thanks for dropping in and put messages down... I really hope our tomatoes will ripen well ...

  12. > Grace Peterson

    I am glad you like the look of our tomatoes... as you said, so shimmery and fresh .....

  13. > prue

    How you wish it rains a little everyday in your place... For the moment, rains here in Malaysia still heavy ... it will subside towards the middle of the year ..

  14. >islandgardener

    Thanks because you love the photography... Just a normal Sony Cyber-shot 10.1 megapixels ..

  15. > Stephanie
    It is the same cloud dropping rains onto your area and mine ... Same rain, same sun and same weather ... cheers! see ya in Blotanical

  16. >FJL
    >Pure Snow

    Thanks .... for the moment these tomatoes doing fine... hope they will last to the end ... see ya in Blotanical!

  17. Beautiful pictures as always!

    By looking at some of your other pictures, it seems you live in an apartment building, am I right? If so, where is your garden?

  18. > David
    It is not an apartment building... over here in Malaysia, the house we live in is popularly known as semi detached house with ample open space on the left, front and back. ... So We make use of the open space for gardening...


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